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Helping Hands
"The end of life deserves as much beauty, care and respect as the beginning."         ~Anonymous

About Heiwa 平和 Care

(Senior Home Health Care)

  My upbringing in Japan included a mixed-generation environment. In my daily interactions with the older generation, I was open to their stories, lessons and wisdom. I now find that I respect and "click" well with my elders to the extent that I have made it my career to care for them.
  I graduated from the Nagoya Red Cross College of Nursing as a qualified Registered Nurse and Public Health Nurse. I worked as an RN for more than 7 years in major hospitals in Japan.

  I moved to the Comox Valley in 2012 and decided that I could use my nursing knowledge and experience to support elderly people and their families. I worked as an employee for a caregiving company and gained insight as to how elder care works in the Comox Valley.

  In 2020, I started Heiwa Care in order to provide personalized quality care at a reasonable price for elderly people who want to continue living in their own home as long as they can or want to remain at home until the end of their life.

  In order to learn more about the healthcare system in BC and to focus my nursing education more on elderly and end of life care, I took the "Palliative Approach" online course offered by BCIT.

  I have gained experience in assisting clients and their families in dealing with the healthcare system and I have confidence that I am able to provide quality client centered care in a professional manner.
My Services
I provide client centered personalized care through a client-caregiver relationship rooted in respect and trust at client's own pace.
* Overall daily support ( including medical administration, light meal preparation, shopping, transportation for appointments etc.) with rehabilitation and support in retention of physical and mental capabilities, while allowing the client as much independence as they are capable of handling.

* Personal care including hygiene and daily health check.

* End of Life Care provided with nursing knowledge and experience to support the needs of the client and family.

* Respite Care
  You can rely on me when you are not with your loved one. I can provide quality care and support for clients and their families.
* Reporting your loved ones condition

  If you live away from your loved ones, I will keep you updated via email or text about your loved one's conditions or concerns. I believe good communication is the key to supporting clients and families. 
* Create a Daily Care Plan
  In the case that other caregivers are involved, create a daily care plan so that other care givers and family members may be kept informed of daily routines and medical issues and needs so that proper and consistent care may be maintained.

* Others: Dementia care, Foot massage to improve blood and lymph circulation, Provide simple exercise to keep import
ant muscle strength etc...
(Not as a medical intervention, which I can't provide, but for their comfort and quality of life.)




  *Mon-Fri 9:00 am-4:30 pm 

  *Minimum 3-4 Hours per visit,

   (Days and Times are negotiable.)

Only 1 to 2 clients accepted at a time so that high quality care may be provided.

Please check availability within this time frame as schedule may need to be worked around another client.


In case of emergency or extenuating circumstances, may be available nights and on weekends.

 Ideal fit for Heiwa Care Services

  I can provide my services within the above time frame. In the case where longer daily/ weekly needs must be fulfilled. I can function as a Primary Caregiver and provide a daily care plan so that any other caregivers can be kept informed and fulfill needs that may not be met without a nursing education.

  I can contribute my knowledge and experience as a member of a team. I could work as a part of an existing home care team to achieve the team and client's goals.



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