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Thank you so much for the privilege of being your primary caregiver. Thank you for trusting me and letting me into your lives. Thank you for the times you were patient and understanding when I needed to be absent. Thank you for letting me take care of you and also, thank you for taking care of me. Thank you for the laughs together and the times we struggled, as well.  These memories will never fade. You taught me a lot, I learned a lot from you. It was a great gift to be with you.         ~Sachiko 


 The moment Sachiko walked in to our livingroom,I knew that she would be an amazing addition to my dad's life. Despite his cognitive decline, she spoke with him and not at him. He was included in the plans for his care from the first day.

 At a time when he disliked any change to his routine,he felt comfortable with Sachiko. They sat in the backyard and had coffee and snacks, went for walks around the neighbourhood, car rides to the beach, did jigsaw puzzles and read books. The days activities were based on his mood and energy level. She wasn't just "hired help".-Sachiko became his friend and mine. Although my dad has been gone for over a year, I still consider her a friend.

 I can not recommend Heiwa Care strongly enough.

 Sharmen Rollins


 We felt like the luckiest people in the Valley when we found Sachiko. I was not familiar with the public health care system here at all when my friend had to stay there. I only knew my friend needed more personalized support to get better, mentally and physically.

 Sachiko has great knowledge of nursing as well as a super positive attitude. Staying at the hospital is not fun for anyone, but Sachiko changed the tough time into a fun and meaningful time for all of us. Sachiko was there for to support him as a private nurse, his counselor, his exercise trainer, and his friend. She was also a bridge between the hospital and us whenever we needed it.

 One day, Sachiko took my friend to see his dentist, and after the appointment, she drove him to the park. It was the most exciting moment since he got stuck in the hospital. There was much support she offered without being asked. She has a big heart and a warm personality.

Kana Yamada


 I have had a chance to hire Ms. Sachiko Goski to take care of my old friend living in Comox who suffered mental breakdown that lead to Parkinson's disease induced dementia.

 Through my experience with her I have no hesiation at all to recommend Sachiko to anyone who is in urgent need of an experienced, professional caregiver to look after ailingseniors and loved ones.

 Sachiko is not only very experienced and passionate but is also very client friendly. What makes her stand out is that she always thinks and cares from the clients' point of views and does so by befriending with clients.

 Looking at her working and caring my friendI really felt that she doesn't take her work as a job, but rather, takes it as a mission. Passionate, honest and very serious.

 Her root is in Japan and may be the world renowned Japanese hospitality is what she is.

 Ken Shinozaki

 Burnaby, BC

 It is a true pleasure to write this testimonial for Sachiko.


  Sachiko worked as a primary caregiver for about 2 years for my mother-in-law, Joan, who had dementia.


  Sachiko is compassionate by nature and always positive. During the time Sachiko spent with Joan, she provided her with companionship, games, walks, exercise routines and conversation. It was lovely to see Sachiko listening to Joan telling her life stories while enjoying a cup of tea in the garden. She also encouraged Joan to get involved with the things that she used to enjoy in her own home like cooking and gardening.

   Sachiko established clear behavioural boundaries with Joan that were sometimes needed and she did this in a very respectful, calm, caring manner.


  On occasion we had to have weekend caregiving for Joan, and Sachiko laid out a care plan to follow so there was continuity of care and medications and that was very helpful for all of us.


  In conclusion, we would recommend Sachiko to care for your loved one without reservation. We believe that she is completely capable of providing exceptional care on a physical and emotional level while maintaining her clients dignity.


Deborah Nolan-Mann

Bayne Mann 

Cournenay, B.C.


Senior Home Care, Comox Valley, End of Life Care at Home, Palliative Care at Home, Quality Senior Care Service, British Columbia, Canada, Courtenay
senior home care

   Our families are blessed to have worked with Sachiko over the last 3 years. Initially, she worked with Tish's mom, Joan (91 at the time) following a stroke in 2018 and continued through her recovery, life, and subsequent death 2 years later (2020). Sachiko also helped with Mike's mom, Dot (88) over the last two summers, as well as more recently when she came to live with us for the last months of her life. Sachiko genuinely cares about each and every one of her clients, finding common interests and connections that enhance the relationships between them. In addition, she diligently shares her insights, knowledge and experience with other caregivers and health professionals so as to ensure both continuity and positive interactions with her clients. At a time when our health care was at times confusing and seemingly disjointed, Sachiko provided a mindful and compassionate transition for us as well as both of our moms as they reached the end of their well-lived lives surrounded by family and home.

Tish and Mike Scott

Denman Island, B.C.

Senior Home Care, Comox Valley, End of Life Care at Home, Palliative Care, Quality Senior Care, British Columbia, Canada, Courtenay
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