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"To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors." 
                                           ~Tia Walker  (Author of The Inspired Caregiver)


All Caregories of services (Senior Home Care, End of Life Care (Palliative Care), Denmantia Care ) are the same rates.

* All Services on site:  $28~ per hour   (As of Jan1st, 2024)
    - No extra charges for any services on site during the regular time.
    - Charges will be applied for travel time and mileage.
    - Extra charges will be applied if, due to extenuating circumstances, my services are required nights and/ or weekends.
* Mileage for shopping or appointments etc.
    - A charge of  70c / km will be applied if I am required to use my personal vehicle.

* Optional- Making a Personalized Care Plan  $50~
    - Price depends on condition and situation.

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